Sustainability and respect for the environment

The company is constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce its impact on the environment where it operates. The company strives to implement sustainable and ecofriendly business practices in all its business processes to create long-term added value for its assets and shrink its environmental footprint.

Ecofriendly protocols across all hotel properties

Reducing energy, water, and waste footprints across all operational processes wherever feasible and practical.

Compliance with all local recycling protocols and encouraging guests and employees to abide by the same rules wherever possible.

Implementation of sustainable technologies to lower energy consumption in buildings.

Reducing the use of single-use plastics wherever possible.

Offering employees opportunities to actively support entrepreneurial responsibility through training activities, tools, and volunteering.

Raising guest awareness of responsible travel and tourism.

Implementation of sustainable strategies when renovating assets. When improving physical assets, the company performs thorough design and component analyses to...

implement improvements that boost energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and maintain the building’s useful life and value.

procure and use sustainable materials wherever possible.

respect and preserve historical features.

respect and preserve the local community’s natural and cultural heritage.

Environmental analysis along the supply chain

Establishment of processes that support a preference for ecofriendly products and services.

Factoring animal welfare into purchasing decisions and operational processes.

Striving to procure products and services locally.

Alongside our own guidelines, the company also follows the IHG sustainability protocols, which are part of the franchise agreement.

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